W3Rent™ is the new standard of the rental system

W3rent™ is a video rental software for DVD and game rental stores. Game rental system, dvd rental system at one place with free support.

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System overview
General Features

The W3Rent™ rental software contains all necessary features to make your rental business successful!

An individual solution specially for you

The W3Rent™ software is the best way to attract more customers and provide better service. Using the W3Rent™ software, you will be able to perform your rental service 24/7, 365 days per year. The on-line rental system enables your customers to rent DVDs and games, purchase the new ones, or buy the rental copies of the DVDs/Games you have already sent them. This results in maximizing your revenues due to subscribed customers.

Easy DVDs/Games shipment

The W3Rent™ rental system provides you with a unique ability to generate labels, send and receive DVDs/Games in conformity with barcode labels, the process that streamlines the routine of shipment. The successful system that we have created automates your work process as much as possible to eliminate human error and speed up the processing, thus increasing your profit.

Selling your inventory & services online

W3Rent™ is fully integrated with online payment processing engines and payment gateways so you can automate the online transactions.

User Friendly and Intuitive

The W3Rent™ rental system is convenient for your customers to use and easy for the Online Store Administrators to operate. This means that customers can spend more time renting and buying your products instead of searching for them.

Proven Technology Base

The technology used by W3Rent™ is a proven technology that currently powers thousands of web stores, hosts millions of products online every day. This means you will be using the most robust software ever built for the Internet. Concentrate on running your business rather than focusing on technical issues.

Solution for Buying and Renting DVDs / Games

W3Rent™ rental software gives your customers the ability to rent, buy, and purchase their rental copies of the DVDs, games you send them. This allows you maximizing your profit due to the signed-up customers.

High Scalability

The W3Rent™ rental system can grow together with your business. Currently it can handle thousands of listed products and customers. It means we are here to grow with you and you won't have to spend thousands of dollars on future upgrades to support your growing business.


The W3Rent™ system can be customized to meet your specific business requirements. With minimal or no customization at all, we are able to tailor our leading software solution to meet your requirements. It will let you focus on your business. We take care of the technology and you – of your profit.


The W3Rent™ rental system provides for password protection of the administration area as well as all customer areas where personal information is stored. It works on the basis of the state-of-the-art SSL Encryption system to prevent loss of any customer data. The robust world-class security ensures the highest protection level for your business.

Advanced Searching Capabilities

The W3Rent™ rental system allows advanced searching capabilities so that your customers could find exactly what they want to in the shortest possible time. Try it out in a demo version and you'll be impressed at how easy it is to find what you are looking for.


The W3Rent™ rental system allows your customers reviewing DVDs, Games and posting this review for all customers to get acquainted with. You can modify/delete these reviews. This feature generally helps to create a sense of community and helps the customers to choose the DVDs/Games that are appropriate for them.

Displaying Pictures of Front and Back DVD/Game Covers

The W3Rent™ rental system provides an area to display both the Front and Back Covers of the DVDs/Games to give customers feeling of browsing for a movie more like the way they would do it at a video store. The images of smaller size will pop-up to a larger view when clicked-on for a better overview of the front and back covers. It results in the greatest flexibility in displaying the DVDs/Games that are available for sale and rent.

The Free Trial Period and Tracking of the Free Trial Period

The W3Rent™ rental system allows for a Free Trial Period and tracking of the Free Trial Period so billing can automatically begin in the first day of the regular monthly rental plan.

Adjusting the Rental PLANS and PRICING

The Rental Plan Options and Pricing are fully configurable by you or a Store Operator so you can offer the package options you want at whatever price you want. An example would be to offer:

  • 1 DVD/Game at a Time for $9.95
  • 2 DVDs/Games at a Time for $14.95
  • 3 DVDs/Games at a Time for $19.95
  • 4 DVDs/Games at a Time for $24.95

Change the prices, and the package options at a moment's notice. You can choose the plans that correspond your market situation.

Managing DVD/Game Request Lists for 1000's of Customers

The W3Rent™ rental system lets you manage customers' requests. You can also modify a customer's DVD/Game Request list in case there is a problem to get a DVD/Game or there are any other inventories that you need to modify at your client's request.

Integration with Back-End Scanners

W3Rent™ can also provide you the best way to simplify the DVD/Game distribution and return process. The successful system that we have designed automates your work as much as possible to prevent human error, speed up the process and increase profits accordingly. Scanning a DVD/Game back into inventory makes a lot more sense than typing the unique barcode number on the keyboard.

Easy inventory management

W3Rent™ provides a user friendly interface to upload product inventory to the online store. A Store Owner can also modify and create new categories anytime. Whenever a product is added to the showcase it is available instantly online as soon as it is rendered in-stock. We are also available to load your entire inventory if you are interested in such a service.

Using as many Categories as Required

The W3Rent™ system provides as many categories and DVDs/Games within the categories as you need, e.g. Action, Fiction, or Thriller. A store owner can also nest other categories the existing ones for easier navigation.

Full Listing and Search by Studio

The W3Rent™ system also allows a customer searching for DVDs/Games based on Studio and displaying DVDs/Games based on such criteria as well. Yet another way we have made it easy for customers to search for their favorite DVDs/Games in the shortest possible time.

Full Integration with PAYMENT SYSTEMS

The W3Rent™ system is fully integrated with the online payment processing engines and payment gateways so you can automate the online transactions.

Full Configuration of Taxes and Zones

The W3Rent™ system also enables a Store Owner to fully configure any Taxes and Tax Zones. These zones are mapped to a specific industry approved directory of shipping zones so you can be confident that you are charging customers the proper tax level depending on where you ship the DVDs/Games.

Using Unique Barcodes and Barcode Numbers

The W3Rent™ system assigns a unique barcode number to every DVD/Game you have in stock. Thanks to this feature a store owner is able to properly track the entire inventory even though he/she may have hundreds of copies of the same DVD/Game title. It also ensures the ease of use by scanning and overall streamlining of your business.


The W3Rent™ software is proven, robust, stable and secure as it runs on the basis of the industry leading web software solutions such as Apache and MySQL. For this reason thousands of businesses trust the high reliability and availability of the software and all of its components. Enjoy 100% availability with the Internet's most proven and most reliable software computing platform.

Using the W3Rent™ rental system is a lot more cost effective than going out and building a similar if not identical solution.
My Account Section

Another step to make you and your customers feel at ease by means of an intuitive and protected interface.

Queuing Tools

As processing of orders takes some time, your customers must not feel that. The system will do this job for you. The only thing to do is to print out the label and post items.

Sign-Up Form for Members

New members will be able to sign up via online form. The form will be located in SSL protected area in order to keep private security. This form will demand address and phone information, login (e-mail address) and password details, and some other details if you need them. The data submitted via this form will be stored in your database.

Browse Section

Since usability is one of the main powers of satisfying a surfer, we have done a great job to make him/her feel at home. The largest section in the system contains all pages for browsing and searching items.

Secure, Password-Protected Administration Area

With login and password, the administrator has access to a secure area on your web site. This area contains the different sections in order to manage inventory, categories, orders, members, sent items, returned items, packages etc. The administrator is able to change any information in areas like FAQ, Privacy etc.

The login to this secure area of your web site is handled via SSL. This is a standard method of encrypting data transmitted between the browser and the web server. It ensures security of login and password information and prevents interception by third parties.

Other Sections / Features

As general attitude towards new people is based on our first feeling, we have taken care of “minor details” to make this feeling extremely positive for you and your customers.


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