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W3rent™ is a video rental software for DVD and game rental stores. Game rental system, dvd rental system at one place with free support.

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System overview
Why W3Rent™

There are many companies providing rental solutions and services. As a rule, you can find two types of possible offers:

  • companies which offer an online rental service platform for specific membership fee;
  • companies which offer rental software.

Subscription based rental platform

In the first case you will have to pay your membership fees, and you will never have anything of your own since all information is stored on a server you will be unable to access.

That's the main problem as you cannot make the business secure and your business will always depend on someone else. That won't do in case you intend establishing a long lasting and successful rental business.

Exclusive rental software

W3Rent™ provides an exclusive opportunity to own the rental software. It means that you will be the owner of the code.

W3Rent™ guarantees to provide you with a non-encrypted version of the code and database information.

We will be able to set up our own hosting for the system or you can choose the place to host the system.

It means that you are always able to get the code anytime or backup the database. You never depend on a specific company but you can always rely on W3Rent™ when deciding to make any system changes in the future.

Please note that we provide a really clean and stable system with the free life-time debugging support, though you always may use your own programmers to modify the system.

Please note that our company reserves the right to refuse the free support services in case of changes to the original code executed by a third party, but you can always be sure to have the choice.

Why W3Rent™

Thank you for the opportunity to show you the benefits of the W3Rent™ rental software designed for any kind of rental business compared to other similar solutions:

  • We develop an individual solution for you

  • We are happy to say that every client is important for our team. We believe that every business is so special that we do want your software to be unique and never to look the same! We are ready to bring to life any your idea! With all features we offer and life-time support you will surely differ from your competitors.

    The W3Rent™ team offers a unique range of services including database development, software configuration and maintenance, graphic design (logo for dvd/game rental store, website design for dvd/game rental site, corporate identity for your rental business and more), hosting and marketing promotions. We have everything you may need in order to start your rental business in one place.

  • On-line rental business and off-line rental store processing

  • W3Rent™ offers a unique solution which allows combining the on-line rental system with the off-line store processing. You do NOT need any extra knowledge, hardware or software.

    With the help of W3Rent™ you will be able to manage your on-line customers while providing your rental services to customers directly in the store. The on-line part of your software is the best way to attract more customers and perform better service.

    Using our on-line rental system, you will be able to provide your rental service 24/7, annually. The on-line rental system enables your customers to rent DVDs and games, purchase the new ones, or buy the rental copies of the DVDs/Games you have already sent them. This results in maximizing your revenues due to subscribed customers! So, using the W3Rent™ rental software you cover both sides of the rental business.

  • Dvd/game rental system and shopping cart software

  • It's time to rent and it's always time for selling. W3Rent™ merges together the dvd/game e-commerce software and the dvd/game rental system. It has become even easier to purchase new or used dvd's/video games in a website or in a store.

  • Pay per rent and membership rental models supported

  • It's very important to provide as many options as possible for your rental business. The W3Rent™ system incorporates two different rental models: pay per rent (pay as you go) and membership packages. The system offers free trial options and monthly payments according to the rental plan or every rental payment - it's easy to choose which one suits you and your customer best.

  • Full rental business automation

  • W3Rent™ really takes care about your team, so our dvd/video game rental system functions absolutely automatically. With the help of a barcode scanner the whole customer and inventory management, shipping and return control can be executed in seconds. The on-line DVD/Game rental system provides you with a unique ability to generate labels, send and receive DVDs/Games in conformity with the barcode labels. This is a process that streamlines the shipment routine. The successful system that we have created automates your work process as much as possible to eliminate human error and speed up the processing, thus increasing your profit.

  • Secure payment gateway supported

  • W3Rent™ is successfully connected to all major payment gateways which ensure fast and secure payment acceptance. You are able to sell your goods and receive payments on-line via PayPal, Authorize, Verisign etc.

  • Community supported (upcoming)

  • W3Rent™ is happy to announce a new community feature to be incorporated into the dvd/video game rental system soon. Spend your free time communicating with friends, sharing ideas, consulting with the help of the community section which provides each our customer with an individual profile page! Check for more information about the upcoming release and let us know what you think about this.

  • SEO optimized

  • The W3Rent™ rental software is already optimized for all major search engines. Clean coding based on CSS 2.0 models, custom titles and meta tags for every page, seo-friendly url's, visitors tracking Google analytics feature – all this is already a part of the system.


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